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Equipment Auctions Represent a Great Way of Finding Discounted Laboratory Equipment

All around the world, small and large businesses are trying to find creative ways to stay open. Companies are having trouble figuring out how to keep sales up, business good, and avoid having to slash jobs. The sputtering, economy in America has also had an impact on the economies in other parts of the world and companies worldwide are trying to find creative ways to stay afloat. Saving money is the first place to start and unfortunately many companies begin that campaign with labor cuts. If that is not enough, then serious cutbacks are also made on advertising, energy usage, and other areas to try and allow the company enough breathing room to continue production while sales are down. A great way for any business to save money is by getting a heavy discount on the materials and products they need to conduct business. For example, if a crane company wants to save a lot of money, they should buy their cranes from an equipment auction. Many companies have folded under these harsh economic times and their machines, equipment and materials are still in great condition despite being used. However, the company that now owns these products, possibly a bank or lender, does not wish to hold them so they put them up for auction. This is where smart companies can save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year or more.
Still using the example of a crane company, if another company goes bankrupt, the company still in business can bid on and purchase a lot of the equipment and machinery they need at a heavily discounted price. This will help the still open company to continue to operate without having to raise prices because they are not paying the same high costs for equipment.
Laboratory equipment can also be very expensive to purchase, but if your company needs it, you have to get it. That is again where an equipment auction comes in quite handy. Many biotech and pharmaceutical companies around the world have employees whose sole job is to scan places for great deals on materials, products, equipment, and machinery. The savings can be huge and instrumental to that company staying open. Laboratory equipment is in no way cheap and if your company relies heavily on it, then the best thing you can do is search for a great deal at auctions. Saving money on materials and equipment is vital to staying in business and also avoiding a cutback in labor and talent. What many companies don’t realize is that even if you cut back on labor costs you still risk lowering the quality of service and that can make things even worse than they were before the cuts.
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The world’s largest specialized manufacturer of molybdenum – China Diaphragm Wall Equipment

The world’s largest specialized manufacturer of molybdenum
Jin Mo shares started today and prospectus to be issued no more than 538 million shares, raising 7.645 billion yuan, the total share capital after the release no more than 2.689 billion shares, raising funds for the upgrading of industrial technology, support the company’s sustainable development, the establishment of resources for security system and so to invest in order to enhance the company’s core competitiveness, to the world’s leading integrated producer of molybdenum business goals.
After the audit, Jin Mo shares the first three quarters of 2007 sales revenue of 4.327 billion yuan, net profit of 2.332 billion yuan, net assets of 73.39 percent rate of return, profitability very prominent.
Molybdenum as a rare metal, is an important strategy of non-renewable resources are widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, electronics, aerospace, military and other fields. Especially in the steel industry, molybdenum, as a special additive can increase the steel strength, hardness and toughness, to enhance high temperature corrosion resistance, plays an irreplaceable role. With economic development, the global demand for molybdenum will continue to grow.
Future Development Strategy
Jin Mo shares will continue to establish and improve the resources, security system. Sufficient reserves of mineral resources, the company’s foundation for sustainable development, the company will seek to expand through a variety of ways to control mineral resources, the economy and reasonable adjustment of the proportion of lean ore with high-grade ore to extend mine life. Company intends to use this public offering to raise funds in the 917 billion acquisition of Golden Molybdenum Group holds a 65% stake in the company of Ruyang. Ruyang company has Ruyang County, Henan Province, molybdenum 5.58 square kilometers Donggou prospecting, as well as caogou molybdenum 0.09 square kilometers of mining rights. Company will also give priority to the acquisition in the next Prospecting Gold Molybdenum Group Risk molybdenum mine found in resources, and the acquisition of mineral rights and equity, etc., in the global context, the establishment of molybdenum metal mineral resources reserve system.
2008 Annuity Mo arranged a series of technology projects of shares, of which nine key projects, a total investment of nearly 10 billion yuan. And to extend the service life of mine have done a lot of work, including completion of engineering design, land acquisition, an environmental assessment approval, water and soil conservation and so on. The company also launched a number of research projects, including 15 key projects, with well-known research institutes jointly declared three national projects, in order to get through the various sectors to adopt Xuanye plus key process bottlenecks, enhance independent innovation capability and industrial technology, the level the technical support.
In order to enhance market capacity, the company focus on its direct cooperation with large-scale steel mills. Internationally, with the Alto Kumpu, Arcelor, British Steel and other large steel mills consolidated business contacts, success and long-term contracts entered into World Asia Iron and Steel. Meanwhile, the company speed up the domestic market cultivation and development, steadily building with TISCO, Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and Steel and other major domestic steel mills, direct and cooperative relations, improve the layout of the domestic market and marketing channels established to achieve the volume sales of molybdenum iron. And actively explore with the pure chemical end-user consumption of cooperation with the U.S. general lighting, Japan, inorganic chemistry and a number of world-renowned enterprises to establish a stable and cooperative relations.
Company vigorously carry out safety and environmental protection, energy saving activities. In-depth implementation of safe production responsibility system, promoting environmental and occupational health and safety management system Guanbiao two runs throughout the year to eliminate staff positions due to work injuries, fatal accidents and major pollution incidents, and post qualification rate of dust, pollutant emission compliance rate, etc., a comprehensive both compliance. Increase the energy saving management, and the green clean production, from the water, energy-saving, and wood and so on tap the potentials in the first half of 2007 the total annual consumption of energy conservation 5110.4 tons of standard coal, the main products year on year decline in consolidated unit energy consumption up to 5.74%, was awarded the national advanced units to create conservation-oriented enterprises.
In recent years, the state through a series of policies and measures to guide the molybdenum industry, industrial upgrading, for development of the industry has been demanding. On the one hand, urging a timely response to the policy-oriented, on the other hand, increased trade barriers to entry and promote the acceleration of the pace of industry consolidation, shares of gold molybdenum industry leaders such as it is very advantageous.
In recent years, a wide range of industrial countries, through policy guidance, for molybdenum industry, industry consolidation, increased industrial concentration, encourage the development of deep processing, to promote the industry to large-scale, high efficiency, low pollution and high value-added direction. Since 1999, the state announced a package of policies and regulations to limit environmental pollution, outdated equipment, use and waste of resources, shutting down a large number of small-scale business enterprises of molybdenum, but also limited to small and medium producers of molybdenum mining license granted. With the company’s leading production scale, efficient resource utilization capabilities and mining, chemicals, metal deep-processing integration of the whole industry chain, will gain an advantage in the industry consolidation. In addition, the company is located in Shaanxi, can benefit from the western region development strategy.
Since 2005, driven by supply and demand factors, and the country macroeconomic impact of industrial policy, international, domestic molybdenum prices high. The company based on international and domestic markets, relying on quality, brand and channel advantages, the implementation of competitive differentiation, increase molybdenum chemicals and molybdenum metal products market, develop and exploit to achieve maximum benefit of the current market.
In order to make molybdenum deep processing technology to the international advanced level forward, the company developed a focus on the development of deep processing of molybdenum metal strategy, putting in a lot of resources for research and development related technologies. Relying on state-level enterprise technology center, focus on improving the company’s technology innovation environment, and establish a sound scientific and effective decision-making mechanism and incentive mechanism, optimize the allocation of resources within the science and technology and build a solid platform for technological innovation. Focus on increasing original innovation, integrated innovation and the introduction of digestion and re-innovation efforts, focused on establishing, deepening and senior scientific research institutes, universities and well-known domestic and foreign counterparts of strategic cooperation, enhance the scientific and technological innovation.
    Focus on the industrialization of research findings, focusing on cultivating, master a number of core technologies, quick research a number of high-tech, high value-added molybdenum metal components, spare parts, special parts and other end-consumer products. Focus on the production of services, the focus on technological upgrading and bottlenecks in key technological breakthroughs in technology to upgrade the level of industrial technology will be rapid technological advantages into economic advantages and competitive advantage.
China’s current high-quality, high value-added products deep processing of molybdenum is still heavily dependent on imports, the international market demand for products deep processing of molybdenum also been enhanced. To continue to enhance the market competitiveness, optimizing product mix, the company will rely on existing state-level enterprise technical centers and post-doctoral research station platforms, and further commit resources to the molybdenum chemicals and molybdenum metal processing and other deep-processing technology research and development, while seeking to introduce and digest of international advanced technology, cutting-edge technology and industry standards to narrow the gap. By expanding the field of deep processing of molybdenum industry scale and take the differentiation and development.
In 2008, expects the global economy will continue to grow, China’s GDP will maintain a high growth rate. In under the guidance of scientific concept of development, China’s economic development model and will continue to optimize the industrial structure is bound to stimulate consumer demand for molybdenum products to promote the consumption structure become more reasonable, for companies to optimize product structure, develop deep-processing products market, and create a favorable external conditions for .
Harmony Road molybdenum are
The face of fierce competition at home and abroad industry, the trend of molybdenum, gold molybdenum shares committed to the promotion of technological upgrading and extending the industrial chain and increase adaptability to the market has been achieved by the resource-based processing enterprises, technology-based enterprise transformation out of an energy saving , scientific development, and going all the way the harmony of molybdenum.
Jin Mo shares owned by Jinduicheng Molybdenum Mine, is the world’s largest open-pit molybdenum deposit, its reserves are abundant, high quality, in the deep processing of molybdenum has a unique advantage. Up to now, to retain Jinduicheng molybdenum ore reserves of about 800 million tons, about 780,000 tons of molybdenum metal. Accordance with the existing scale of mining, mineral resources, they serve about 60 years. As the molybdenum non-renewable mineral resources, the company reserves advantages are clear. Mine located in Shaanxi Huaxian Jinduicheng by China Mining Association awarded “China’s molybdenum industry capital” title.
As China’s molybdenum industry leader, Kim is the only company with shares molybdenum molybdenum mining, milling, baking, molybdenum chemicals and molybdenum metal processing on the upstream and downstream integration of a complete industrial chain of Molybdenum Company. Molybdenum ore self-sufficiency rate of 100%, which is the company a major bright spot. Jin Mo-Mo series of shares is mainly engaged in production, processing, trade, scientific research, and production of molybdenum furnace charge, molybdenum chemicals and molybdenum metal three products. Through mining, roasting, baking to produce molybdenum concentrate, and then its further processing into a molybdenum iron, ammonium and other products, for the downstream production of raw materials, in order to further processing into a molybdenum metal products.
Jin Mo shares are the world’s largest manufacturer of molybdenum products, the annual total Stripping and Mining for ore mining capacity and daily processing capacity in the domestic same industry ranked first, the roasting molybdenum and molybdenum iron output of major products such as gross domestic similar products third. The company has a large number of mining, ore, metallurgical equipment, world-class molybdenum chemicals and molybdenum metal processing production line, ammonium, high purity molybdenum trioxide, high purity molybdenum disulfide, molybdenum powder, molybdenum rod blank, molybdenum wire and all kinds of Mo-shaped pieces such as product quality and excellence, with large-scale production. In 2006, the company produces a variety of metal molybdenum product molybdenum equivalent of about 13,000 tons, accounting for 7% of global production; of these roasting molybdenum concentrate powder, baking pieces molybdenum, molybdenum and iron molybdenum furnace charge or about 20,000 tons (physical quantity ), accounting for the world’s output of molybdenum products Burden 6%; ammonium molybdate, molybdenum disulfide, molybdenum and sodium is about 6,000 tonnes of molybdenum chemical products (physical volume), accounting for the world’s output of molybdenum chemical products 12%; molybdenum powder, slab molybdenum, molybdenum wire, etc. approximately 2,500 tonnes of molybdenum metal products (physical volume), representing the world’s output of molybdenum metal products 12%. Industry-leading scale advantages enable the company to economies of scale, effectively increasing the actual metal recovery and utilization, reduce material consumption and overall energy consumption, optimize the cost structure to achieve the maximum economic benefits to provide adequate protection.
Company’s production of “JDC” brand series of molybdenum products in the world’s molybdenum industry reputation, more than 85% enter the international market, roasting molybdenum concentrates, ammonium and other major products have a number of world-renowned enterprise certification. The company by improving the measurement test instrument for improving the laboratory analysis methods, in-depth implementation of ISO9001 quality management system standards implementation to ensure product quality steadily improved, JDC industrial molybdenum oxide was named “Chinese famous brand” products. The company oversaw the formulation of national and industry standards, including industrial molybdenum oxide, molybdenum disulfide national standards, molybdenum chemical analysis methods, high purity molybdenum trioxide non-ferrous metals industry standards. The company with its brand, can get a certain level of premium increase profits.
A strong R & D capabilities is to improve the technical standards, and achieve an important guarantee for long-term development. Jin Mo shares relying on national-level technology center, Shaanxi Province, Mo Material Engineering Technology Research Center and post-doctoral research station as the main body of technology research and development system, with the metal in the molybdenum mining, selection, roasting and deep-processing technology, strong R & D strength, leading China’s Molybdenum Industry Development’s future. In molybdenum product development and industrialization has made a large number of important results, has undertaken four national research projects, 16 provincial and ministerial level scientific research projects, other projects over a hundred items, for more than ten items of patented technologies, access to a number of scientific and technological progress awards. Company with a group of well-known universities and professional institutes to establish a long-term cooperation between scientific research and experimental development, and Xi’an Jiaotong University and the Institute of Central South University, build a priority.
The formation of complete integration of the company’s global marketing network system, distributed in Hong Kong, the United States, Germany and Japan and other places, can serve users throughout the world. The company more than 85% of the molybdenum furnace charge, molybdenum chemicals and molybdenum metal products, exported to Europe, the Americas, Africa, Australia and Asia, Japan, South Korea, India and other countries and regions.
Jin Mo shares the management team in the mineral mining, roasting, deep processing, technology research and development, corporate governance, and so has extensive experience. The core management team has more than ten years or even decades of industry experience, as well as the management of the company’s main business experience, well versed in domestic and international industry trends and company specific circumstances, the timely development and adjustment of the company’s development strategy, competition in the market to seize the opportunities.
Fund-raising project
The initial public offering, the company intends to raise funds in the 7.645 billion yuan for the upgrading of industrial technology, support the company’s sustainable development, the establishment of resources, security system and so on.
The fund-raising project, “South open-pit mining project mining engineering” project, “South open-pit mining project Phase II” project, “North open pit mine waste dump construction” and “Li Tailings extended service life of the West” and other mainly is to ensure continuous and stable production of the company’s future and extend the Jinduicheng Molybdenum mine in years of service.
“Mineral Processing upgrading” project will promote the company to further reduce energy consumption and improve resource utilization, “industrial production line technological transformation of molybdenum oxide” project is completed, will greatly enhance the roasted molybdenum concentrate, molybdenum and iron production capacity to meet domestic Mo Burden the growing demand for products, further expands the company’s domestic market. “6500 tons / year ammonium production line”, after completion of the project’s production capacity will reach about 1.1 ammonium tons / year, of which about 1,700 tons, either directly or further processed for other molybdenum chemical products to domestic and overseas sales, the remaining 85% will be be used to further production of molybdenum powder, and as a “deep processing of molybdenum metal construction” projects of raw materials.
“Molybdenum processing building” reflects the company’s commitment to the adjustment of product structure determination. The fund-raising project successfully put into operation, will greatly enhance the company’s molybdenum wire, molybdenum rod, molybdenum rods, forged rolled molybdenum sheet molybdenum metal deep-processing products such as capacity, greatly enhance the company’s core competencies and industry position.
“Low concentrations of sulfur dioxide gas comprehensive utilization of sulfuric acid” project upon completion, will add years of sulfuric acid production 212.3 thousand tons, 300,000 tons of pellets to raise the environmental standards in production, comprehensive utilization of resources to achieve economic efficiency and green win-win situation.
“Payment Jinduicheng Molybdenum ore mining rights to sell under” project is to protect the company’s resources reserves and subsequent developments. In addition, the company will use the raised funds to purchase a 65% stake in Ruyang, Ruyang company has Ruyang County, Henan Province, molybdenum 5.58 square kilometers Donggou caogou molybdenum ore prospecting and 0.09 square kilometers of mining rights, for a total tenure of molybdenum metal reserves are about 70 million tons, is a world-class large molybdenum mine. “The acquisition of Ruyang shareholding” project is completed, will greatly increase the company’s control mineral resources are conducive to the establishment of the company’s resources, security system.
With this public offering to raise funds, gold shares will be molybdenum molybdenum core leading industry, resources and support as a means of upgrading the main line of industrial technology, processing and utilization as the focus, open up to achieve vertical and horizontal so wide. The company will build by leaps and bounds, ultra-conventional development platforms, industry influence, control, driving force will be significantly enhanced. Combined company has long been engaged in molybdenum industry experience and technical capacity, as well as in production scale, product quality and marketing, brand, financial, management, and integrated with a strong advantage for the company’s leading industrial operation and convergence of the accumulation of capital management the strong potential. The company will remain committed to the integration of molybdenum industry, and strive to effectively control and configuration of molybdenum and mineral resources to accelerate the building of molybdenum furnace charge, molybdenum chemicals and molybdenum metal processing development pattern of the three major sections to continuously strengthen the autonomy of the field of deep processing of molybdenum R & D and technology imports, enhance corporate core competencies, continuing to the world’s leading integrated producer of molybdenum business goals.
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